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And sometimes, she loved me too

And sometimes, she loved me too.
English | 15 mins | Drama | India | 2017

'And sometimes, she loved me too' explores the melancholia of objects left behind by lovers after the demise of their relationship. A soundscape of memories breathes life to these belongings, giving us an insight into the bitter-sweet experiences shared by them. Having inhabited the same space as the couple, we find that a macro exploration of these ordinary objects, helps us thread together the slow degradation of their companionship.

The film chronicles the beauty and tragedy that is love. The ephemeral is revealed to us through the mundane. The narrative is a patchwork of intimate moments, which while personal are also universal. This allows the viewer to project their own memories & associations, creating a sort of palimpsest.

The work is originally meant to be viewed with a walkthrough of actual objects from the film, supplemented with additional dialog in the form of a written card, while entering the screening room and again while exiting; continually shifting the viewers' perception and proximity with the story being told. However, the film can be viewed independently as well.

The work gets it's inspiration from the filmmaker's curatorial experience with the contemporary art exhibit 'The Museum of Ordinary Objects'.

Cast and Credits
Cast: Neil Bhoopalam, Yuki Ellias
Director/ Screenplay: Karan Talwar
Director of Photography: Akshay Singh
Music: Kaizad Gherda
Sound: Kamil Ahmad
Creative Producer: Iti Agarwal
Associate Producer: Michaela Strobel
Additional Screenplay: Sankalp Rawal
Art: Iti Agarwal
Publicity Design: Mitwa A. Vandana
Produced by Harkat Studios

24, Jor Bagh | Gujral Foundation | New Delhi (Film + Exhibit 2018)
River to River Florence Indian Film Festival - December 2017
New York Indian Film Festival - May 2018
Indian Film Festival Stuttgart - July 2018
Bengaluru International Short Film Festival - October 2018
Linz International Short Film Festival - November 2018

The films is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video (in US, UK, Germany and Japan) and on Vimeo on Demand.